set a goal. then demolish it.
The Universe is determined to keep me from @bearbones309 today. Good thing I don’t give up that easily. I’m now waiting on a 5:00 to ATL then a connecting flight to Newport News at 8:40… I’ll get there one way or another :) Maybe I’ll learn a little patience today too. #deltasucks
I’ve been waiting for this for days.
I never thought I’d wake up laying next to you
You sleep so beautifully so I sleep with you
Wait till you wake up and then wake up too
Your face lights up and I like to think that my face lights up with it too
Cause you just make me smile oh and I ain’t felt this way for a while
You just make me smile, I like you a lot
and I like to think that you like me slightly
That’s enough. (via crystallfighter)

OOTD- It’s finally warm enough to wear Lilly!

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